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Coin Market Update

The big news in the coin/bullion market is the shortage of physical silver bullion for immediate delivery.  Gold bullion is readily available, but most silver bullion items are on back-order and the premiums over spot silver are at the highest levels in years.  The rare coin market, after a pause the last year, seems to be improving.

What’s Hot: Any 90% silver or silver bullion. Collector series showing some strength include uncirculated 3 cent silver and nickel, Barber dimes/quarters/halves in MS63 or higher, and Type 1 (1850-1866) $20 gold.
What’s Not: Any over-graded or unattractive coins.

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A New Face on the Ten Dollar Bill
By Doug West
The Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, announced on Friday, June 26th that the current ten dollar bill would be changing - move over Alexander Hamilton, there is a woman taking your place. No one knows right now who this woman is that will be the new face of the ten dollar bill. The selection of the women for the ten dollar denomination note is going to be a lengthy process and by 2020, the new bills should be in circulation. There may turn out to be two ten dollar bills in circulation, the existing one with Alexander Hamilton, and the other with a portrait of a woman. The selection and development process is still ongoing.

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The 2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential Dollar
By Doug West

In 2007, the United States Mint started a dollar program that honors past presidents by placing their image on the obverse of the coin. Each year, four different presidents are represented on the coins. Initially, the dollar coins where meant for circulation, but they weren’t very popular with the general public. In 2011, the Mint stopped issuing the coins for circulation. Now the coins are only available directly from the Mint and various secondary sources, such as eBay and Coin Shops. The coins are gold in color, but they do not contain any of the precious metal gold. The reverse of the coin has a design featuring the Statue of Liberty. The date and mint mark is found on the edge of the coin. The motto, IN GOD WE TRUST, was moved from the edge of the coin to the obverse, starting in 2009. In addition to dollars that were meant for circulation or the collector, the Mint also produces proof Presidential Dollars.

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How Should I Store My Coins?

There are two concerns when discussing the storage of coins. First, the storage of the individual coin, and Second, the storage of a group of coins, or an entire collection.

Storage of a Coin Collection

The Environment of the entire Collection, or Group of Coins is the focus, taking into consideration Temperature, Humidity and Light. A relatively constant, moderate to low temperature and low humidity are preferable for long term storage of numismatic collectibles. Placing packets of silica gel, which absorbs moisture, in the coin storage areas helps control atmospheric humidity. The less light, the better; and absolutely no sunlight. This is why a safe or vault is ultimate storage container; because it controls Temperature, Light and Humidity, and provides Superior Safety.

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Engelhard Silver Prospector Collector’s Guide

By Doug West
C&D Coins, Raymore, MO

The Engelhard Prospector silver rounds issued from 1982 to 1987 are highly collectable and typically command a premium above their melt value. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal of information available on the Engelhard silver products. This article provides basic information on the Prospector series to help the collector make better decisions on building their collection.

1982 to 1984

In 1982 Engelhard introduced the first in a series of one troy ounce silver rounds featuring a prospector on the obverse. All of the Engelhard Prospectors have an image of a prospector panning for gold along with the text “U.S.A.” and the date. From 1982 through 1984 the reverse of the round had a large “E” inside a globe and the text “ENGELHARD/ ONE TROY OUNCE/ 999+ FINE SILVER”. (Read More)

Counterfeit 1984 Engelhard Prospector Identification Guidance

By Doug West
C&D Coins, Raymore, MO

The Engelhard Prospector series of bullion coins ran from 1982 to 1987 and is highly collectable. Silver rounds in this short series are sought after and they normally sell for $5.00 to $10.00 over their bullion value. As a result of the demand for the rounds and the premium price a counterfeit 1984 Engelhard Prospector has surfaced in the collector marketplace. The counterfeit 1984 Engelhard Prospector one ounce silver coins are available online, eBay for example, and in the general collectors marketplace (coin shows, coin shops, flea markets,…). This article gives some basic information that will help you avoid getting ripped off with fake 1984 Prospectors. (Read More)


Rhodium Bullion – The Basics

Rhodium is a very rare metal. By rare, I mean it four times rarer than gold. In this article I want to go over some of the basics of rhodium bullion, including, uses of the metal, price history, and how this metal is traded. (Read More)

Tips for Attending Your First Coin Show

Whether you are new to coin collecting, or you are simply a place where you have been doing all of your coin dealing at a local shop or online, you might be quite excited to hear about a coin show in your area. (Read More)